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Can Cavities Heal on Their Own?

Cavities are one of the most common dental that patients face. They can range from small spots on the teeth to major sites of decay. Of course, large issues require immediate care. But patients with smaller cavities often wonder if a filling is really necessary. Can cavities heal with home treatment if they are tiny? The answer might surprise you. Read on to learn more. 

Understanding the Tooth Decay Process

To understand if cavities can heal on their own, you first need to understand how the tooth decay process works. There are different stages of decay. The first stage is called demineralization. This begins when bacteria in the mouth start affecting your tooth enamel, which weakens the overall surface of the tooth. Next, the enamel will begin to decay, which is when a cavity forms. Then, enamel decay can lead to dentin decay and pulp decay on the inside of the tooth. Finally, an abscess can form if the bacteria is still not addressed. 

Can Cavities Heal on Their Own? 

If your tooth decay is still in the demineralization phase, then you can reverse the decay on your own with proper oral care. Very small cavities can also sometimes heal on their own. However, this is only possible in the very beginning stages of decay. Proper brushing and flossing, as well as fluoride treatments, can help reverse the course of your decay.

Monitoring the Decay

Once the decay has spread to the tooth dentin, you will need a dental filling to address the problem. Luckily though, decay in this stage can usually be addressed with a simple dental filling. Patients will not be able to tell how severe their decay is though, so it’s important to get your teeth checked by a dentist. They will examine the tooth and perform x-rays to determine whether your cavities can heal on their own. 

Help For All Types of Tooth Decay

The Smile Artisans can help you restore damaged teeth for a bright, healthy smile. Whether you have minor tooth decay or a major issue, we have a restorative procedure for you. Book a consultation today to discover the best solution for your teeth.

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